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The Covid-19 pandemic is unprecedented, and is already impacting on people’s lives in innumerable ways.

There is little doubt that the arts are going to play an increasingly important contribution to our collective wellbeing during these difficult times, and will also play a vital role in how we cope with the social isolation which is likely to arise from any extended period of lockdown.

The current crisis means that we’ve never been more aware that those of us who live within our National Parks are privileged to do so. We also recognise that access to open spaces and nature, even if it is for brief periods each day, is hugely important to physical and mental health and that this will form a key part of many people‚Äôs coping strategies for dealing with the crisis.

Like most organisations, we feel we have a small part to play in encouraging our community to adopt best practises to avoid contributing to the spread of the virus or putting undue pressure on local and public services which are already overwhelmed.

We are now in an effective lockdown, with everyone urged to stay at home until further notice, the only exceptions being for essential work, a brief period of daily exercise, medical needs and basic food shopping.

We would urge you all to heed this advice unconditionally. It will save lives.

These are difficult times but remember, Dartmoor will still be here for you when this is all over, so please do come back later to enjoy our beautiful landscapes and help local artists and businesses recover.

In the meantime we’ll be continuing to do our best to raise spirits by regularly posting on our Instagram and Twitter feeds, as well as developing further features and articles on the website.

Community matters – never more so than now – and we are grateful to all of you for being part of ours.

Stay safe,


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