Stephen Peart

I live on the southern edges of Dartmoor and have been taking photos and creating images for 2 years. My landscape “style” is very much within the impressionistic camp, occasionally abstract, but, I hope, always highly subjective and personal. I want to capture a sense of emotion within an image.

The Gate

My primary inspiration is Burke’s notion of the sublime, especially when contrasted with notions of the picturesque and/or beautiful.

The Corpse

I’m presently working on a long form project based around the river Dart that is inspired by Alice Oswald’s poem on the same name.

Walls and Waterways

I remain slightly obsessed with the TV Tower just outside of Princetown. Finally there is a copse of trees overlooking the A30 near Launceston that I’m spending far too much time wandering around.

The Copse

More of my work can be seen on Instagram


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  1. I have often looked at that same beech copse just outside Launceston as I drive past and thought I really should go there with a camera. Sadly on my way to or from work so never have….Yet

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