Paul Harris

I’m a self taught photographer who likes to experiment. I started to take photographs back when there was this weird thin plasticy thing called film, I once developed and printed my own black and white images (and on occasion I still do) but gave up film photography when I discovered it wasn’t a hobby that could be pursed whilst also wishing to live in a building or actually have anything to eat from day to day.

When digital photography made it accessible to me once again, I started to tinker with different approaches, progressing from a cheap LG mobile phone to a lovely blue second hand Lumix.

I’m a keen advocate of using whatever is available and now shoot exclusively with older or manual lenses (these days mostly attached to my Sony) – I’ve even attached cctv lenses as well as enlarger lenses to my camera, sometimes with little more than gaffer tape – If you aren’t having fun … then you aren’t doing it right.

I was born in Devon, and my favourite memories as a child are of being on beaches or messing about on the moor. Whilst at school I joined the other nerdy kids (before nerdy was cool) to take part in the Ten Tors expeditions … this is where I learnt the moor could be a wonderful antidote to the everyday, or at least a passable sticking-plaster.

I believe nobody should ever stop learning and that even in failure, you can grow. Photography can be therapy and Dartmoor is a therapeutic place.

You can find more of my work on Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter and on my own website, .

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