Vale – Robert Darch

Robert Darch is one of Britain’s foremost photographic artists. Based in Exeter, much of his work is shot in Devon. We’ve previously interviewed Robert for the Collective about his work and practice. His first photobook, Moor, focussed around a dystopian vision of a near future … Continue readingVale – Robert Darch

Rifts and Erasures

Guy Dickinson is an architect and visual artist based in London. In 2016 he travelled down to Devon and spent 48 hours on Dartmoor taking the images that form the basis of his work Rifts and Erasures. The book itself runs to 76 pages, in … Continue readingRifts and Erasures

Desire Lines

Since the start of the current pandemic, Dartmoor, like all of the UK’s national parks, has seen a significant increase in visitor numbers due to Covid travel restrictions and a renewed interest in exploring and seeking solace in the countryside. The impact of increased visitor … Continue readingDesire Lines

Salva Borrego

Just occasionally you come across an image on Instagram that pulls you up short. Two weeks ago I was ambling through the Dartmoor Collective hashtag and a very simple, beautiful black and white image stopped me in my tracks. It was from an account that … Continue readingSalva Borrego

Robert Darch

Robert Darch is a British artist-photographer based in the south west of England. Many of you will know his work via his first publication, The Moor, which depicts a fictionalised dystopian future situated on the bleak landscapes of Dartmoor. His Instagram feed showcases the range … Continue readingRobert Darch

Not Quite Light

Simon Buckley is an internationally published artist based in Salford. Through his award winning “Not Quite Light” project, where he shoots in the half light of dawn and dusk, he explores themes of transition, heritage and regeneration in an urban setting. His work has been … Continue readingNot Quite Light