Malcolm Hebron

I’m an English teacher by trade, so spend a lot of my time in the world of words and concepts – that’s certainly an enjoyable place to be, but recently I’ve found a tremendous pull towards the usually wordless worlds of photography and drawing. I’m … Continue readingMalcolm Hebron

Clare Rogers

I have wanted to be an artist from the age of six! I spent much time in my early yearsdrawing, mainly from still life, enjoying the detail and contour of natural forms. Later, my focus turned towards text and print, studying graphic design at Plymouth … Continue readingClare Rogers

Stephen Earp

I first used a ‘proper’ camera when I was eleven years old on a family holiday to Canada. My uncle had lent us his new Olympus OM, and as soon as I handled it – felt its weight, its precision – I was hooked. From … Continue readingStephen Earp

Matt Davis

I have lived on the edges of Dartmoor all of my life and it has been one of my favourite places to take pictures of ever since taking up photography about 5 years ago. I have a strong connection with Dartmoor which mainly grew after … Continue readingMatt Davis

Salva Borrego

Just occasionally you come across an image on Instagram that pulls you up short. Two weeks ago I was ambling through the Dartmoor Collective hashtag and a very simple, beautiful black and white image stopped me in my tracks. It was from an account that … Continue readingSalva Borrego

Noel Bodle

Dartmoor has been a destination for family holidays since I was very young when we would spend most days out walking and exploring the moor. My dad is a very keen photographer himself and would enjoy photographing the landscape and ancient settlements left across the … Continue readingNoel Bodle

Prue Hilditch

I’ve lived on Dartmoor for 7 years and recently got into photography as a way to combat my mental health.  There’s no other feeling quite like wandering the moors chasing the light with my camera and my dogs. No matter the weather there is always … Continue readingPrue Hilditch

Robert Darch

Robert Darch is a British artist-photographer based in the south west of England. Many of you will know his work via his first publication, The Moor, which depicts a fictionalised dystopian future situated on the bleak landscapes of Dartmoor. His Instagram feed showcases the range … Continue readingRobert Darch

Andrew Luscombe

There’s a difference between a Dartmoor atmosphere and anywhere else, its undefinable; it cannot be held or manipulated, its a moment, a flash of light, a sweep of cloud, a glowering mist, there for a second gone the next, blink and you miss it… I’ve … Continue readingAndrew Luscombe