Noel Bodle

Dartmoor has been a destination for family holidays since I was very young when we would spend most days out walking and exploring the moor. My dad is a very keen photographer himself and would enjoy photographing the landscape and ancient settlements left across the … Continue readingNoel Bodle

Prue Hilditch

I’ve lived on Dartmoor for 7 years and recently got into photography as a way to combat my mental health.  There’s no other feeling quite like wandering the moors chasing the light with my camera and my dogs. No matter the weather there is always … Continue readingPrue Hilditch

Andrew Luscombe

There’s a difference between a Dartmoor atmosphere and anywhere else, its undefinable; it cannot be held or manipulated, its a moment, a flash of light, a sweep of cloud, a glowering mist, there for a second gone the next, blink and you miss it… I’ve … Continue readingAndrew Luscombe

Paul Harris

I’m a self taught photographer who likes to experiment. I started to take photographs back when there was this weird thin plasticy thing called film, I once developed and printed my own black and white images (and on occasion I still do) but gave up … Continue readingPaul Harris

Phil Starkey

I live ten minutes away from the southern edge of Dartmoor and have been photographing the National Park for almost five years. I previously lived in and concentrated my photography on Cornwall. When photographing the Moors I try to convey a sense of peace and … Continue readingPhil Starkey

Andy Sweet

I’m a photographer who really enjoys capturing the natural beauty of the South West and in particular the landscapes of Dartmoor. In an increasingly hectic modern world, the moor has a rugged wildness about it that I love. Yes, it can be cold, wet and … Continue readingAndy Sweet

Simon Blackbourn

I have lived and worked in Chagford for the last ten years. My photography started out as an occasional hobby, then became a form of therapy during my recovery from a long illness, as I was slowly able to venture further from my home and … Continue readingSimon Blackbourn

Jon Vernon

I’ve enjoyed taking photographs for years, with mixed success, but the move to Dartmoor eight years ago was a real catalyst to developing my interest further. It’s genuinely difficult not to be inspired by the dramatic geography, huge skies, ever changing weather and unique natural … Continue readingJon Vernon

Stephen Peart

I live on the southern edges of Dartmoor and have been taking photos and creating images for 2 years. My landscape “style” is very much within the impressionistic camp, occasionally abstract, but, I hope, always highly subjective and personal. I want to capture a sense … Continue readingStephen Peart